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How to get a pedigree puppy pug.

How to get a pedigree.

In the Russian Federation, the procedure for obtaining pedigree for dogs, Canine Federation of Russia determined (RCF). The site of this organization can be found all regulations and instruments relating to breeding dogs and their participation in exhibitions and other important things. It also very clearly stated and pedigree. So, in order to pug was able to show off his official status of pedigree dogs, just need to buy a purebred puppy, whose membership glorious old pug documented. And so, the first document is a baby puppy card (metric puppy). Next, get genealogy is only a matter of technique.

Experts recommend that engage in design pedigree after the puppies turned six months: that’s when you can be sure that the data on it already did in RKF. And all that is needed – it just took my puppy card, visit the RCF (or federation that issued the card). Regional pug owners do not have to travel to the capital, you can join the official club breeders in their own city, and draw directly descended through this organization, as it has in it all the powers. And really get the precious document, you can safely go to storm the exhibition. At least in Russia. However, in order to show his handsome pug to foreign experts, just need to get an export pedigree, but she issued on the basis of our internal Russian. However, for puppies that were born from unplanned mating, and thus do not have the puppy dog ​​card, the way to the exhibition is not ordered. Register-pedigree may help if the owner thinks the dog is worth it to “show themselves.” This document can be obtained after the animal is estimated by experts on the breed and give a positive conclusion.

So getting pedigree – if she really needed the owner – not the most complicated process. Importantly, from the outset to operate properly. However, no degree “advanced” pedigree affects the strength of love fans of dogs. And we are with you that do know. Only for the prestige of the owner of the dog lineage as necessary as air.

It is necessary to design pedigree 750 rubles in the event that the owner of the dog – a Russian citizen, or 1750 rubles. for foreign nationals in a foreign language. Pedigree will be ready in 15 days. If you want a pedigree in the day, you have to pay 500 rubles. more. All prices on this site RKF. If you place an ancestry through his club, far from Moscow, be prepared that all deadlines will be much longer. Sometimes clubs also charge extra for registration of pedigrees.


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