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Comments to the FCI standard breed pug. Part 4. The neck, front legs, torso.

Comments to the FCI standard.

Slightly curved, is similar to the crest, strong, thick, of sufficient length to carry head proudly.

Comment. The neck should be long enough, with a pronounced nape to ensure a smooth transition in the neck and withers the proud posture. It should not be too short (like a bulldog), as in this case the head is visually planted on his shoulders. The neck is too long makes pug look awkward.

The legs are very strong, straight, moderately long, mutually parallel. At sufficiently placed under body (there are “good for a dog”). Shoulders are well inclined.

Comment. Strong, straight and strong front legs should be located far enough from each other and give the width of the chest, while the shoulders should be nicely sloping. Forelegs are well-developed muscles on the outside leg, forming a smooth arc and creating a false impression of curvature, but if you look at the inside of the leg, the bones will be absolutely straight. Forelimbs, as noted in the Standard should be “good standing under the dog.” Only in this case the chest is well developed.

Forelegs pug.


With regard to the correct angles glenohumeral joint, the scapula should ideally have a slope of 45 degrees to the ground, forming a right angle (90 degrees) with the humerus. The length of the scapula and the humerus should be equal. In well-built pug straight line dropped from the upper point of the withers and elbow, passes through the pastern. It is easy to see when viewed from the side.

At the corners of the limbs should pay particular attention, since only their correct anatomical structure may condition the right moves. The most common defects are the angles are straightened glenohumeral joint. There are two possible options (both undesirable): the so-called “tererny type of” before and just straightened the corners of glenohumeral joint due to a short, sloping shoulder is not enough.
By “terernomu type” dogs are relatively pryamoplechie, but only in combination with the correct oblique inclination of the scapula. I like a pug we see quite a smooth transition of the neckline in the back line, but the forelimbs are not “adequately placed under body.” The dogs’ terernogo type “not serving the sternum, they lift their heads high in the rack and move and have an uncharacteristic for a pug, festinating movement.
Pug with a sloping shoulder blade is not sharp enough and ugly transition neckline in the back line. Output from the neck of the animal is low, the neck short. Topline with the same look too long. Again, straight shoulder, front legs can not be “well under the dog.” Movement of the pug will not be free and wide. In addition, the shortcomings of the angles of joints of the forelimbs, as a rule, are combined with impaired rear corner joints.
The elbows should fit snugly to the body and be directed straight back, they do not have to turn out neither in nor out, nor rack, nor in motion.
Pastern slightly bent, not straight. For direct pasterns (often combined with “terernym” type of forehand) pug will have a few stilted movement. A failed, over-sloping pastern can not properly maintain the housing dogs, and traffic will be slipshod. Small outwards rather peculiar pug and helps them better retain the heavy front.
Minor folds of loose skin, running down to the forearms, can form in the pastern fine wrinkles.
The disadvantages include the weakened joints, partition, or twisted into the extremities (clubfoot), curved like a Pekingese, forearms, or high on excessive short-legged.

A short, stocky with a broad chest and well-rib. The top line is straight, never curved (concave) and oblique (angled).

The body of a pug.

The body, the proportions of a pug.

Comment. The standard describes well the body pug therefore restrict to a few refinements topline from withers to rump is flat and the short tail is set on high. The disadvantages include nizkoperedost, sloping croup, soft, sagging or arched back, long loin.

Chest broad, but not like a bulldog. Belly up to the elbows down. It is not desirable so-called “chicken” breasts, that is small, underdeveloped in the front. The edges are rounded enough, springy. Line the bottom of the smooth, must gradually rise to the groin. The dog must have a small waist. In no event Pug should not be exhausted, with a “lengthy” belly, but no less undesirable overfed pug with a drooping belly, without a hint of a waist.

Disadvantages: over-tightening belts, sagging belly, flat sides, which leads to a lack of springiness of the ribs.


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