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Comments to the FCI standard breed pug. Part 3. Jaws and teeth.

Description of the structure of the jaws and teeth of a pug.

A small snack. Skewed (the curve) the mouth, rising above the teeth and tongue popping out highly undesirable. Front teeth (incisors) wide lower jaw is always a straight line.

Comment. Dog’s teeth are considered from two perspectives:
1. In number.
The dog has 42 teeth: 12 incisors, 4 canines, 16 premolars and 10 molars.
The incisors (6 in each jaw) located in the center. Upper size a few more lower, and serve to capture and cutting food. Canines are after the incisors on both sides. This is the most powerful teeth that are conical in shape, designed to disrupt tissue protection and attack and needed to form a strong grip. Canines in males more than females.
On both sides are lozhnokorennye teeth – premolars, 4 on each side (total of 16 premolars, 8 in each jaw), and 10 molars – teeth, which are located two on each side of the upper jaw and three in the bottom.

The structure of the teeth pug.

Teeth pug. Form of bite, bite.

2. The form of clamping jaws (bite).
The figure shows the form of bite.
Scissor bite – a series of upper teeth covers the lower teeth so that the lower incisors adjacent to the inner planes of the upper teeth.
Direct (pincer) bite – incisors of both jaws touch their cutting edges.
Undershot – the lower jaw is shorter, so that the rows of the upper and lower incisors there is a gap.

Undershot – the lower jaw is longer than the upper:
– Dense snack – a number of lower teeth covers the upper teeth so that the upper incisors adjacent to the inner planes of the lower teeth.
– Snack with deviation – between the rows of the upper and lower incisors there is a gap.
– Buldozhina – between the rows of the upper and lower incisors there is a big gap.

Dentition pug has its own characteristics, as with all flat-dogs. With this structure of the muzzle, like a pug, or to be more precise, there is almost complete absence of it is quite obvious that a full set of teeth he can not be. Absolutely no 01/02 is considered normal premolars and molars, are experts at not paying any attention. Some foreign experts do not even pay attention to the fact whether the pug complete set of incisors, giving importance only to the fact whether the lower jaw is broad enough and straight in front (as determined by touch). So often it happens that an expert, especially foreign, looks dentition pug only in cases of suspected wry mouth, because the dog of this breed are very emotional and usually do not tolerate familiarity with them, especially such as foreseeing a stranger in your mouth. Prevent the inspection also features a pug lips – thick enough, they interfere with the rapid display of the bite, covering a nose when picked up. The lower lip is thick and the pug is so tight that closes the lower teeth, so it inevitably causes subsidence pug negative emotions that can lead to spasms with breathing. In this regard, the British experts do not recommend without much need to inspect the dental system in pugs.

It should be borne in mind that Pugs, like all flat-dogs, is often found such a deficiency, as wry mouth, which can be either genetic or acquired as a result of injury and improper cultivation. This drawback can be poorly defined, visible only under careful contemplation when picked up lips, and pronounced, noticeable even at a cursory glance at the dog. Wry mouth is a few options:
1) The lower jaw is shifted to the right or left (Fig. lb);

Correct bite and jaw misalignment pug.

Bite, wry mouth.

2) when viewed from the front lower jaw on one side, right or left, loose fit to the top, that is not parallel or not parallel with respect to the upper (Fig. a);
3) when viewed from above the lower jaw on one side, right or left, as if a little longer and also is not parallel with respect to the top. This happens when the teeth of the mandible, particularly canines, asymmetrically located with respect to each other.
As a rule, in all cases, jaw misalignment visible language.
A common drawback is the Checkerboard incisors. Sometimes the teeth are too small. Typically, experts say it’s not a fault, but breeders should bear in mind that all the anomalies of the dental system quickly accumulate in breeding, which is without taking them into account. Breeding dogs with small teeth together can lead to the birth of pugs with narrowed the lower jaw. Scissor bite is extremely rare, but it is a very serious drawback. A serious drawback is undershot with the waste, which are visible teeth. This often causes the dog to loll out.

As with other flat-dogs, pugs, unfortunately, fairly early start to lose teeth, so a dropped or broken cutters on exterior assessment did not significantly affect and take into account only ceteris paribus.


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