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Comments to the FCI standard breed pug dogs. Part 6: The coat, color, size, and skin.

Comments to the FCI standard. Pug.
Thin, smooth, soft, short and glossy (never stiff and fluffy).

A comment. Unfortunately, the standard does not mention that the pugs wool double. Gentle, soft, thin and thick – undercoat, and a little more rigid, short, shiny and thick, too – of guard. The undercoat is much shorter. There are individuals who have the undercoat is over-developed, and at normal density outer coat wool-like pug resembles a hedgehog as spine does not contact with the skin and bristling. If the spine is also rare, the coat becomes a furry pug, pug and he feels like a fluffy chicken. Both options are drawbacks.

In black pugs wool a little rougher than the light, because the thickness of the black hair more than the beige. In addition, some black pugs have almost no undercoat.

Silver, apricot, fawn and black. Each of these colors must be clearly expressed that there was a clear contrast between the main color and the mask. Markings must be clearly distinguished: the muzzle or mask, ears, warts on the cheeks, forehead spots in a diamond or a fingerprint and a dark line on the ridge should be as black.

A comment. The depth and width of the mask is different and each case to create a unique “face” of a pug. The mask should be a black and well-defined. The more intense the color of the mask, the better. The spots on the cheeks, or moles, should be black, large and give a complete picture of a pug head. Dribbling eyelids must be black. The darkened skull undesirable. There should be a clear boundary between the bright forehead and a black mask.

“Belt” on the back – a dark line running from head to tail. Belt – is only Highlighter ends. Some pugs light it can either be absent or be slightly darker than the main background. The wide dark stripe on the back is not desirable, because the impression of dirty color and spoils the appearance of the dog. Sometimes, the belt can be seen in puppies, but when the dog is molting, it disappears. The more clear and bright is the main color tone, the less “belt” is expressed. Black Pug “belt” has not. Dark undercoat on the back (as opposed to all outer coat tinting wool) refers to serious disadvantages in light dogs.

Silver coloration is a cold light gray tone. It should not be very dark apricot.

Apricot color – it’s warm colors from cream to gold.

Black coloration evenly colored, deep, without impurities blond hair. Black dog should not have white markings. It is unacceptable as the presence reddishnesses or light-colored undercoat.

Markings on dogs have bright colors to stand out as clearly as possible. The disadvantages include light color dogs too dark, dingy shades of wool with lots of dark hair on the body and legs. This is usually seen on the forehead, legs, chest, back, and is more common in dogs with silver color.
Judge may disqualify the dog’s color.

Ideal weight 6,35-8,17 kg.

A comment. Because toy breeds pug very dense, strong and heavy. Weight as a special category, can not determine the size of the dog. Although standard gives one value of the weight for females and males, it should be noted that the desirable weight for females is 7.3 kg for males and 8.2-10 kg. The desired growth of 25.5-30.5 cm at the withers for bitches and 30.5-33 cm for males. Males and females less than 25.4 and above 33 cm at the withers are undesirable, and this should be taken into account when assessing.

It must be emphasized once again that the sexual type must be sufficiently distinct, ie, medium-sized dog should remain a male dog and to look courageously and even rather big bitch should look feminine. In assessing the weight and size of dog it is important to bear in mind that the determining factor is the breed type. This is not to disqualify several krupnovat individuals subject to their harmony and balance, while small pugs should not become winners in the ring.

Massive, heavy pugs often look just rude, so can not be considered a criterion of quality stud dog a lot of weight at the standard height.

(Standard omitted).

A comment. One feature of a pug is its wrinkles and loose skin on the neck. Wrinkles on the head are required. They should be large, to create deep relief “face”. The depth depends on the width of folds of the forehead. Excess skin on the neck goes into suspension. The folds of loose skin around the neck are. The tiny folds of loose skin formed on her wrists. BUT! Pug, must not have saggy skin and skin ridges on the body – this is a serious drawback. Pug should not look raw and be similar to Sharpe.
Not Recommended skull head without wrinkles or too overloaded raw wrinkles, with drooping eyelids.

FCI standard, the pug dog breed.

FCI standard, the pug dog breed.

FCI breed standard pug.

FCI standard, dog breed

General appearance:
Pug – highlighted square and chunky, it’s as though “a lot of small,” he concentrates the proportion of forms, compact size and highly developed musculature.

Very charming, generous and intelligent.

Balanced, cheerful, lively and cheerful.

Large, round, but not “yablokopodobnaya”, without clearly defined skull. Muzzle short, blunt, square, not turned up. Clearly marked wrinkles.

Dark, very large, round in shape, with a gentle, humble and full of desires expression, very lustrous and full of fire, when excited.

Thin, small, soft as a “black velvet”. Two varieties – “roses” – small ears folded over his head pulled back so that the interior is open. “Buttons” – the ears laid forward, margins held tightly to the skull, close the internal orifice. Preferable to the latter.

A small snack. Skewed (the curve) the mouth, rising above the teeth and tongue popping out highly undesirable. Front teeth (incisors) wide lower jaw must be in a straight line.

Slightly curved, is similar to a crest, strong, thick, long enough to bear the proud head.

Legs very strong, straight, moderately long, mutually parallel. At sufficiently substituted by the body (there are “good for a dog.”) Shoulders are well inclined.

A short, stocky with a broad chest and well-convex edges. Topline straight, never curved (concave) and oblique (angled).

stantart FCI Pug

FCI Pug Winner

Legs very strong, of moderate length, with good angulation, straight and mutually parallel when viewed from behind.

Not as long as a rabbit, and not as round as a cat. Toes well divided, claws black.

High set, curled as tightly as possible, pressed against his back. A double curl is more desirable.

Seen from the front the forelegs are raised and lowered, while strictly under the shoulder. The feet point straight, not expanded neither in nor out. When viewed from behind the picture is similar. Forelegs move with a good, strong stroke. The hind limbs move freely, with good mobility in the knee joints. For gait is characterized by light rolling motion back.

Thin, smooth, soft, short and glossy (never stiff and fluffy).

Silver, apricot, fawn and black. Each of these suits should be clearly marked, so that was a clear contrast between the main color and a mask. The markings must clearly stand out: the muzzle or mask, ears, warts on the cheeks, forehead spot in a diamond or a fingerprint and a dark line on the ridge should be as black as.

Ideal weight 6,3-8,1 kg.

Any deviation from the above-mentioned points should be considered as defects, and the seriousness with which they must be taken into account should be in strict accordance with the degree of deviation.

Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.


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