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A detailed description of the feed for the pug at different ages.

A detailed description of the feed for the pug at different ages.

Among veterinarians, handlers and just dog owners, there are two opinions: dry food can not fully replace the natural food, industrial food (canned food, semi-arid and dry food) for a full and tightly balanced diet throughout the life of the animal, given its age characteristics.

Perhaps, those who categorically declare the harmfulness of dry fodder, are not sufficiently informed or simply conservative. Yes, natural food is healthier and is the undisputed leader in nutrition. Domesticated wild animal and creating a dependence on the person, people are taking responsibility for his life. But to feed the dog with natural products does not mean to give it good nutrition. Do not be a biologist with the scientific degree to know the needs of a living organism of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, which the animal receives from the feed. The need for dogs in nutrients varies and depends on the age category of animal, breed, physical condition and the conditions of detention. All the nutrients that are included in the diet feeding a puppy or adult dog, spent as a “building material” and to cover energy costs, so the food must meet the physiological needs of a living organism. If some components will be in excess, they stand out from the body with feces and urine or deposited in the reserve in the liver, under the skin, etc. But the unbalanced feeding organism is unable to maintain the constancy of the metabolic processes that lead to different pathologies.

If you are a supporter of natural feeding, take our advice.

– All food must be at room temperature: as hot or too cold food causes gastro-intestinal tract.
– Food pugs should not be liquid.
– Water should always be in an easily accessible place.
– The number of natural food used at each feeding is determined individually. On the correctness of the chosen diet, you can judge by the state of health, appearance and degree of fatness of your pet.
– Meat, meat products, poultry, fish should occupy 2 / 3 of a daily ration pug.
– Pet dogs must contain the salt is 10 times less than the food of man.

Raw meat, of course, salting is not necessary, but the Vare-WIDE and steamed vegetables – it is necessary.

As a protein food fit the following prod-ucts:
– Lean beef, lamb, sea fish (preferably raw);
– Chicken, turkey (chicken neck, breast and other parts where there is no hard and long bones, very well broken with a hammer can give pug in raw form);
– By-products (must be cooked), cartilage
and veins;
– Various dairy products: cottage cheese, yogurt (biokefir), yogurt and other milk is desirable to provide a diluted, and after three to five months, you can completely exclude it from the diet, since the age of the animals cease to digest lactose – milk sugar and milk, which can cause diarrhea. To avoid this trouble in the milk, you can add a little honey.

1-2 times a week, an adult dog should be added to food cooked or raw egg yolk. Protein dog can give, but only the cooked or baked form.

Of the cereals used rice, buckwheat and oats. This is the main source of not only carbohydrates, but also other nutrients of plant origin.
Vegetables can be either boiled or steamed and raw.

The ration should include fats of vegetable and animal origin that will ensure assimilation by the body fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K), will add to its irreplaceable (unsaturated) fatty acids and improve the taste of food. Given the small size of the pug, fat it should be added to food in small quantities.

As an additional and strictly metered ingredients needed minerals:
– Macro (r) – calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc.;
– Microelements (mg) – iron, zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, selenium, etc.
– Vitamins: A, B, C, D, E, K, etc.
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Their deficit or surplus entails a violation of metabolism and development of various pathologies. As of the quality of the mineral and vitamin supplementation is recommended to use veterinary medicines in the form of powders or tablets. Norma vitamin supplements and mineral feedings pug is not difficult to identify on the recommendations on the packaging.

Never give a dog of any age as follows:
– Sugar and products containing sugar (replace them
fruit, and sometimes can give the dog a little bit of honey or
mix a way, such as in cheese);
– Pork (even lean);
– Spices, smoked all without exception;
– Fatty and rich broth;
– Sausage and all meats (including sausages) to contain food fillers, colorants, flavorings and other chemical additives, which manages the human body, but which are totally excreted from the dog. Accumulating, they become a source of disease;
– All grilled;
– Salting and too salty foods;
– Pasta, white bread and other flour products – these products are not suitable for feeding dogs of any breeds, pugs, prone to obesity, the more (black bread, cut into small pieces, you can dry up and give a dog as a delicacy);
– Sour cream, cream, mayonnaise, ice cream, syrkovuyu mass, curd cheese;
– Raw egg whites;
– Food from your table (no matter how delicious or was your dinner, the dog is not suitable!)
– Bone (meat, chicken, fish), especially cooked – they are dangerous to the life of a dog and should be carefully removed from the feed. The stereotype of “a dog with a bone in her teeth” cost the lives of huge numbers of animals! A dog can not even partially eat bones!
Given the characteristics of the breed, pug can give only a rather fascinating toys large fresh raw beef bone (Masol), but only for a short time and only in your presence. Alone with a dog bone can not leave! Gnawing a bone, the dog may
swallow a big or a sharp piece and injure them stomach or intestines, which can lead to abdominal operation, and even the death of a dog. In any case, after eating the bones, even if this time everything went well, the dog starts constipation or diarrhea (possibly with blood), she must have several days to observe a strict diet. Pity their pets, their nerves and money and refrain from feeding the dogs

Before the end of the physiological growth of puppies is desirable to adhere to the approximate scheme of feeding:
1,5-2 months. – 5-6 times a day;
2-3 months. – 5 times a day;
3-7 months. – 4 times a day;
7-12 months. – 3 times a day.

After one year of age need to feed the dog twice a day.

If you decide to take a puppy at the age of 1.5 months, will have to feed him 5-6 times a day. To the baby does not remain hungry, it is necessary to control the quantity of food that the puppy had eaten in a single feeding. A good guide is the behavior of the puppy during feeding: if he leaves some food in the bowl, it should reduce the amount of food, saving of disposition dock feeding. If the puppy too actively licking the bowl and with equal enthusiasm waiting supplements, the dose should be increased.

Sample diet puppy aged from 1,5 to 2 months:
1-e-feeding: raw meat (finely chopped beef, but not minced);
2-s feeding: cottage cheese, thinned with milk or yogurt;
3rd feeding: cottage cheese with milk or yogurt;
4-th-feeding: milk porridge (well boiled buckwheat, rice or oats, but no whistle (!), Pre-smashed in a coffee grinder, with two or three grains of salt);
5-e-feeding: milk porridge;
6-e-feeding: raw meat.
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Between feedings should receive approximately equal time intervals, at night is about 8-hour break. 1-2 times a day in food can be value-lyat boiled chicken or boiled beef. White meat chicken or purified from crude lived beef should be well-grind and add, for example, a mess. Once a week you can give your puppy 1 / 2 of the cooked yolk. In the cottage you can add a little honey.

Fresh water should always be in an easily accessible place for a puppy.

At the age of 2 to 3 months your baby is transferred to 5 times a day feeding, increasing portions. Do not worry if the puppy is well naedayas, manages to eat only four times a day. Milk porridge can gradually replace porridge, cooked in meat broth. But the raw meat and cheese puppies should remain.

From 3 to 7mesyatsev puppy can be fed 4 times a day, gradually introducing into his diet, first steamed vegetables, then fish, and then raw vegetables and fruits. In this age of diet can be completely excluded young to, but cottage cheese and milk products need a dog to old age.

With 3 months of age is a period of rapid growth of the puppy, so he must have his fill. You need to be alert to the possibility that in this period pug puppy consumes food in half to two times more than an adult dog.

From 7 to 12 months of a puppy is fed 3 times a day, and after a year – 2 times.

It is unlikely that your pet will have a good appetite, if a bowl with his food is worth the time. Or a dog will be too thick, or that more generally refuse to eat, requiring its replacement or pieces from your table. Be patient and determined: a bowl of food should be no more than an hour. If the dog refuses to eat – remove the bowl in a cool place. The next time the dog must obtain the feed routine. And never any food from your plate! Do not worry, the dog does not have the refined taste of man. But, having a great sense of smell, these clever creation sometimes “feel” their spineless owners, not touching the proposed food and waiting for her replacement or handouts from the table owner. Do not offer another dog food, otherwise it will be hard to please all the time. Avoid fatal mistakes, do not indulge in eating his favorite. Be patient and soak in nature: if the dog did not get to the next feeding, in the future it will have everything she could get.

Sometimes the pug refuses to eat, if he is frightened, nervous, jealous, or overexcited. In these cases, retracting the bowl will not bring any results. The dog must be kind, to talk to her. Every owner of a pug, there are many ways to convince to eat his dog unsettled. For example, you can sprinkle the food with something tasty (slices of cooked liver, chicken, grated low-fat cheese, etc.). But it is very important to avoid such situations regularly.

Please note that to make a complete diet of natural products that would meet the physiological requirements of the dog, it is difficult not only physically (eg, lack of time to purchase food and cooking food), but sometimes for reasons of material nature. Food should be fresh, and the components used interchangeably in the qualitative and quantitative composition.
Weigh their forces and decide for yourself what will be pi-tatsya your dog: a natural food or ready to feed!

Modern veterinary industry l.-repents many canned and dry food for dogs of all sizes and ages. Sometimes (for example, in the long trip) you can not feed your pet homemade meals. In this case we can use carefully selected canned food. But do not experiment with food dog in the road or when you have no time.

Canned food can mix into the food homemade. But given alternately with dry natural foods can not.

As for finished industrial fodder, then the dog is still, in what form to receive nutrients. Again: the dog does not have the refined taste of man. The advantage of the finished feed that with a daily portion of the animal receives a complete protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins in accordance with the physiological norm. Of course, it is very convenient and relatively inexpensive, that was the reason for such popularity among owners willing to feed the animals. The level of the company that manufactures dry dog food, the quality of ingredients used. Of course, good food is quite expensive, since the price depends on the value of products used in its manufacture-track. But it should be noted that high price does not determine the quality of food. And if you want to “convert” your dog on dry food, you should use the brand name of the companies that are leading players in the global market. If you feed also should take into account the individuality of the organism and the breed characteristics, so it is advisable to consult a veterinarian, dog handlers or breeder.

Many owners who use dry food to feed their pets, allow a number of mistakes, the consequences of which appear only after prolonged improper feeding. Here are the most common, of them are as:
– It is unacceptable at any alternate feeds of different companies.
– You can not mix the different food companies in one feeding.
– When feeding prepared food is undesirable to use any additional mineral and vitamin supplements, as this excess upset the balance of metabolic processes in the body.
– Do not pour dry food boiled water, because at high temperatures destroys most vitamins.
– You can not alternate feeding dry food and natural food.

And now, that can and should be added to dry food:
– Dry food is convenient because you can not add anything to it, as this final product provides the dog with all the necessary ingredients, taking into account the daily needs them.
– If your dog prefers soaked pellets, you can fill feed water, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt (but not milk).
– In the form of dog treats can be given fresh fruits and vegetables.
– Most of the dogs is difficult to contain with free access to dry feed, as they are prone to overeating it, so it is recommended to feed the dog in accordance with the recommendations on the package.
– Treats from natural products should not exceed 20% of the daily dose of dry food!
– Translate a dog to feed the other firms should be gradually – within 7-10 days: while gradually reducing the amount of old food in the morning feeding and increasing the number of new feeding in the evening, or vice versa.
– Fresh water should always be within reach of the free dog.
– Translate a dog with natural forage on a dry (or vice versa) is possible only after the final decision for all your power to change the principle of dogs.

Doing this will gradually (5-15 days), carefully watching the reaction of the body of your pet.

Funny eyes without streaks, shiny coat and healthy skin beneath it, the normal condition the dog will be the best proof that the pug gets a well-balanced food in sufficient quantity.

Strictly adhering to our recommendations on feeding a pug, you never know how unattractive it may look like a great dog.

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