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Features of power breed pug, the basic rules of feeding these dogs.

Features of power breed pug, the basic rules of feeding these dogs.
1. The bowls with clean water and dry food should always stand in the place of feeding.
2. Very useful for getting a dog in the morning and evening of 100-200 grams of raw lean beef.
3. Vitamins and calcium pug should receive regularly.
4. Pugs in need of “pampering”. As an pug treats can offer cheese, chicken, fruit, etc.
5. Fatty food, sweet, flour products and oatmeal dogs of this breed should not be given, the outcome may be very sad.
Do not feed the pug food from your table. Avoid the temptation to treat pet a delicious dinner.
In order to become healthy dog, for its power must be monitored closely from puppyhood. Diet pug puppy from one month to one and a half should consist of dairy products, raw lean meat, cereals and dry korma.Tvorog pug is better to give cooked at home, with plenty of calcium. Prepared a cottage, like any home, with the only difference being that in the beginning of boiling milk is added calcium chloride. For 1 liter of milk is required 3 tablespoons of lime. Pug puppy need from 50 to 70 grams of the cheese on one kormlenie.Syroe meat yield puppies minced or chopped. Suitable for lean beef with no veins. Number one feeding and 50-70 gramm.Kashi for a puppy pug can be prepared in any other than Hercules. Rice or buckwheat flour is ground to the state and from them prepare porridge with milk, which is diluted with water at a ratio of 1 / 1. You can add the minced meat porridge. Food pug should be warm. Starting with a 2-month old can be given dry food. His zaparivayut boiling water, then cooled to a warm state. In addition, we propose pug baby food. But read the labels – sugar in it should not be! Puppy at 6 weeks of receiving food 6 cut in the day, at night – a break. Starting with 3-months, on the day were 4 feeding, and the amount of food for 1 admission increases. The most nourishing food puppy should get at night. Vitamins are introduced into the diet of a puppy, starting with a 2-mesyatsev.Vzroslye pugs also love meat. But do not give your pet meat muscle, and heart – they are bad for the digestion of dogs of this breed. The diet should be varied, plant foods is present in it necessarily, because of her pug will receive a variety of vitamins, starch, protein and sugar. As for feeding the pug entrails of poultry, they must be well boil thoroughly, otherwise the dog may become ill with salmonellosis. All food must be fresh pug, room temperatury.Mopsy very fond of fruits and vegetables in raw form. These products are extremely useful – they contain many vitamins. Such vegetables as carrots, celery, and others, give pug crushed and mixed with a teaspoon of sunflower oil. In favor of a dog would a piece of black bread with a small amount of margarine or butter. Never feed a pug frozen fish and drink and the pug myasom.Est be out of their bowls, and not picking up food from the floor. For the purity of the dog dish needs to be monitored, as well as the purity of drinking water. Fatty foods, smoked, sweet in large numbers to give a pug in any case impossible. But you can sometimes treat the dog a piece of biscuit.

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