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Features breed add-on.

Features breed add-on.
For centuries, people involved in fixing a pug certain character traits and exterior. The results of this work are fixed in the standard of the breed.
Pugs – energetic, courageous dog, a few stubborn, jealous, distrustful, but friendly, like to be in the spotlight. The temperament of a balanced, independent character, calm.
About this breed say «multumim parvo», which means “a lot in the small”. I pug a massive, somewhat rounded, balanced with the body’s head without longitudinal grooves in the middle, with a pronounced brow ridge, covered with deep symmetrical folds of the skin.
Skull between the ears is slightly convex. The forehead is flat, covered with deep wrinkles and folds symmetrical. The transition from forehead to muzzle sharp and deep. Muzzle short, square, straight, with a black mask and the longitudinal fold of skin on the nose.
The nose is rather large, black. Above the dog’s nose is a thick fold of skin, completely hides the back of the nose. Warts on the side faces are the kind of decoration.
Pug Lips fleshy, black, tight-lipped. Teeth strong, white, bits of equal length, located on the same line. Bite – Slightly undershot. Teeth and tongue dog with a closed mouth is not visible. Jaws strong, broad. The width of the lower jaw pug equal to the width of skull. Chin wide. Eyes large, convex, dark and shiny.
Pugs are very energetic, but uravnovesheny.Ushi dogs, black, soft, velvety, thin, small, triangular, with rounded ends, high and wide, hanging from the base, firmly attached to the skull. Scalp is covered with deep wrinkles and folds. Neck pug powerful, short, with folded skin.
The body is circular, a burly, with short, soft, dense, adherent, glossy hair. Colouring hair various shades of beige: Apricot, fawn, golden peach, silver or chernaya.Holka pronounced, moving in a straight topline. Height is 25-30 cm Back short, strong, muscular. Shoulders long, slanting, tightly to her back. Loin short, muscular and slightly arched. Croup muscular, rounded, moderately oblique. The tail is tightly twisted into a ring, Set high. Chest broad, rounded, with strong elastic rebrami.Perednie limbs are straight, parallel, muscular, with strong bones. The shoulders are straight, strong, muscular. Elbows directed back and pressed to the body, are located directly under the withers. Forearm short, parallel to each drugu.Bedra powerful, broad, muscular. Angulations coordinated with angles of the forelegs. Tibiae of medium length, parallel to each other.
Feet slightly elongated, arched, with short, strong claws, and thick black pads.
Source: Julia Rychkova  “Mops”.

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