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Breed Standard.

(This description is taken from Hugh Dalzielya “British Dogs”, published in 1881)

General view and proportions.

Pug – is a compact dog square format. Leschevatye, vysokonogie, squat (short-legged) dog, like a stretched format, not typical for harmonious folded pug. Though pugs and there is no grace or elegance of some greyhound terrier, he must still be balanced. None of it should not be glaring to the detriment of the overall silhouette of the dog – a pug should look like a single and complete unit with a smooth transition from one body to another. In the ring, the dog must be in the exhibition condition: not skinny, but not ozhireloy – both violate the harmonious addition of a dog and a general impression of her. Pug should fully respect the principle: «multum in parvo», but it’s much, if I may say so, should occur due to compactness, precise balance of each article and a well developed and strong muskulatury.Golova should be short and round, three-dimensional and domed skull, balanced with the overall size (more precisely, with its height at the withers and weight) of this lovely lady’s dog. Muzzle broad, square format (a pointed snout – a serious flaw), short, but not turned up like a bulldog. It should be flattened, and not converging. Protrusion (loss) of language in a pug is often linked with its incomplete paralysis that characterized korotkomordym dogs, and still visible when the mouth is closed language is porokom.Ushi must be young, thin and soft to the touch, like velvet, and black okrasa.Dopuskaetsya two ears: the type of “bud” – raised on the cartilage, with drooping severely forward ends, completely closing the auditory canal, and type “rose” – a slightly elevated on the cartilage, hanging down the sides, with deployed outwards and posteriorly ends and partially open the inner surface . Both of these types are observed in the bulldog. Both breeds of dogs, I prefer the ear-type “rose”, as well as the type of “bud” attached to the dog downcast, cheerless, almost sullen vyrazhenie.Glaza should be very dark, large, convex, round, soft, attentive expression and radiant, but not watery or wet with tears, and in moments of excitement – complete ognya.Utverzhdayut, though on each cheek, a pug should be black mole with three hairs sticking out of it. Stonehenge in its rating scale assigns them five points. Idston gives them almost the most important value, and he echoed echoed hundreds of others. However, from my point of view, both respected authors simply repeat the extremely stupid prejudices dog lovers. Moles on the cheeks does not serve the hallmark of a pug – you can see them from any dog, especially smooth. Therefore I see no reason to mention them in the standard pug. I would not give for them a single balla.Maska on the muzzle should be black – the more intense the better. It should be located not only on the face, but also around the eyes, connecting to the bridge of the nose. The clearer it is delineated, the better – that’s when it will be contrasted with the main color. In addition, the forehead should be a black spot, or as they say, a thumbprint ( “finger of the Buddha”) – is a rarity, but that’s why it is so desirable. Not one pug without such spots can not be totally perfect. Free skin on the head forms wrinkles – wrinkles, the depth of which varies depending on the emotional mood of the dog. With very deep folds of the dog looks frowning. Slipping or smoothing the skin, you can see traces of wrinkles, with a darker shade. “Belt” – a dark band (the darker the better), which stretches along the back to the very base of the tail. It should be clearly defined and narrow: 1-2,5 cm – not shire.Okras dogs morrisonskoy line yellow-fawn, and Wil-lobiyskih – cold zonarny or slightly dull-brown (yellowish gray), but these branches heavily interbred, so now not uncommon to find a good variety of pugs ottenkov.Okras called apricot deer, today is not in vogue, but we see an enormous desire to breeders to get a bright color (regardless of its tone), good contrast with the black mask, “belt” along the back and black border around the anus. The most common defects in color is a rusty plaque, the transition to full-head mask, belt, lowered, on the sides of the back, and the presence of blacks on the deer hair color, expressed in varying degrees. Reporters informed me that the family of Mrs. Besvik Royden, who owned not by one generation of high-pugs, there is one (the last) pair, giving in each litter of pure-white puppy. Such case reported and well-known veterinarian Blaine, bitch who also gave birth to three litters in a row on the baby of the same color. White pug with good articles – a rarity, but obtaining such a family can not be called impossible, and this problem is worthy of thoughtful attention zavodchikov.Ogromneyshim defect exhibited today Pug is hard to touch fur. It should be thick, short, straight, tight and soft to the touch and shiny, and leather – extremely free. At the touch or hold his hand from the tail to the head of hair should not be rigid or gruboy.Sheya short, strong, three-dimensional, muscular, with a free skin. Although a clearly defined suspension occurs in pugs quite rarely, the skin should remain free, otherwise the head will be dry – no morschin.Grud pug should be broad and capacious chest, with a barrel-shaped ribs, the format – a square, his back – a rather broad and housing – strong and plotnym.Perednie limbs straight, medium length, placed strictly under the body. They must be strong, and legs long enough, or “hare”, its a finger-kyanite, and claws chernymi.Hvost is essential. What he curled tighter in the ring over the rump, the better, for the same dogs that tend to become winners, it must be twisted into a double ring. Many fans of pugs insist that the dog’s tail should be pinned to the rump on the right side, while the females – to the left. Often, and sometimes, although I have seen not only the opposite, but faced with the dogs, whose tail was lying strictly in the middle krupa.Rost and weight. Height: about 30.5 cm, weight – about 7 kg.

“Source: Book Shirley Thomas” CI “

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