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Gastritis and colitis in a pug and its treatment.

Gastritis and colitis.

Gastritis and colitis are common in pets.
Gastritis – an inflammatory disease of the stomach, primarily, its mucosa.
Signs of acute gastritis FORMS: vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, the dog bends, becomes sluggish. On palpation of the stomach – pain. Tongue coated. The temperature rises only by a very severe form of the disease. High and low acidity – the result of improper feeding – is recognized in the study of gastric juice. Early treatment is necessary starvation diet (see below). To give a warm drink strong tea. On his stomach – a warm heating pad, wool scarf.
Fed in small portions. Food is crushed. At low pH doctor prescribes “pepsin” (15 minutes before a meal), at elevated – give ‘Natriiumbikarbonikum “, etc.

Failure to follow the diet acute gastritis becomes chronic. It is less visible to the host, because vomiting is less likely, lack of appetite occurs periodically. Vomiting consists of undigested food and clear mucus. Usually accompanied by gastritis, colitis, constipation, so there are alternating and diarrhea.

REMINDER! Not every dog diarrhea is a symptom of the disease. Single diarrhea may be the result of the protective action of the body – removal of indigestible food. Nerve stimulation, cooling, too, can give diarrhea.

Inflammation of the bowel (colitis) is the result of improper feeding or complications of the disease, most often after the plague. It occurs when fed stale, ie poluprokisshim milk defective butter, fat meat. To him are: boiled meat and boiled bones, the remains of our lunch, cold or very hot food (dog should get a little warm food), drink from dirty puddles, the presence of intestinal worms, poisoning.

SYMPTOMS: The first boss sees diarrhea. Feces may be liquid, watery, frothy. It may be mucus and blood. In severe forms of colitis stool is black-brown, loose or watery bloody, with a very bad smell. From the mouth smells bad. In acute colitis – pain, loss of appetite, thirst. If the colitis joins gastritis – vomiting, increased thirst. Bloating is a bubbling sound. Fur under the tail stained feces. The temperature is rare. Fever indicates the presence of another disease – deep injury of the intestine, the allocation of toxic products of metabolism, and infectious disease. Then, already showing indifference, weakness, decrepitude.

From prolonged improper feeding of the severe form of chronic colitis is formed. The disease is sluggish, but here are the same symptoms: bloating, diarrhea alternating with constipation. The dog hump, losing weight, hair disheveled and dull, the interest in his surroundings weakens, disappears cheerfulness.
Diet is extremely important, some medications will not help. Food should be light, not to overload the intestines. In no case should NOT be giving fats (including milk), sugar, bones and vegetables. Because of the ferment grain products are excluded (see diet for acute and chronic gastritis and colitis).
A dog can easily stand a post. In order to save your four-legged friend can not resist the plaintive look that asked to eat. Pity will not let him recover. Only love, patience and compassion back to health.
Sick dogs should sleep in the day and night. It can not disturb, agitate. TV and radio operate very quietly. Sick dog fed strictly on the diet.

Treatment and diet in the acute form of colitis and gastritis.
The treatment course of 15-20 days.
1, Day 2: Only the raw water, chamomile enemas (St. John’s wort)
3, 4, 5 days: water, slimy soup broth strained oatmeal (if a dog eats voluntarily). You can give a decoction of oatmeal with honey, or honey with water, or a piece of honey. The broth of rice can not be.
Honey – the most valuable natural medicine.
Crushed garlic is also a medicine – it disinfects the mucous membranes of the digestive tract.

Morning and evening, always do an enema – to withdraw from the intestines of gas and mucus, they will have, even if the dog is 20 days on hunger strike …

Medications: four consecutive days – an antibiotic “Chloramphenicol”. Must give four times a day. REMEMBER! Four consecutive days four times a day! Otherwise – it is useless! Antibiotics are given only course. During the period of the illness – the garlic.

SO: Treatment consists of a famine, honey, garlic, enemas and antibiotics. Until no DIARRHEA, delayed 3-5 days on the diet, ie until after the inflammatory process, even if it lasts a long time. Patient inflamed mucous CAN NOT digest food, it is necessary to spare before the end of diarrhea. Dogs suffer great famine, but then comes a rapid recovery. If the diarrhea to feed – will be Chronic colitis and gastritis.

Until full recovery is fed three times a day.

If the diarrhea is over:
MEAT – in the morning, lean mince meat chilled. Prepare a thick decoction of oatmeal and filter. Divided into three feeding: morning, noon and night. Each time a portion of meat mixed with broth – is the most delicate food for the sick dog.
COTTAGE CHEESE – make cheese from yogurt and milk, it should not just be fresh, and freshest. It can add honey, crushed raisins. Replace one feeding meat to cheese.
Before eating, give 1 tablet “Abonina” within 5-7 days.

If the feeding of meat and cheese began again diarrhea, immediately stop feeding – an inflammatory process has not yet passed and the mucosa can not yet perform digestion. Return to the diet of 3-5 days. Sometimes you have to repeatedly return to the initial diet broth from HERCULES HONEY + + + GARLIC RAISINS + – + enema.

Usually on the 20th day after the onset of the disease can go on a diet in chronic gastritis and colitis. Her hold for some time to complete permanent cure.

For inflammation of the stomach and intestine joins ALWAYS inflammation of the liver, so the stuffing should be without zhirinki and freshest cheese, not sour.

In healthy dogs, back straight, if the dog Gorby, I MEAN HER abdominal pain.
RIGHT TO DOG-tested method to chronically ill patients – is to give HER LIFE IN A DIFFICULT PERIOD cooked meat!

Diet in chronic gastritis and colitis.
Signs of the dog owner is not evident – no pain, no vomiting, sometimes diarrhea, sometimes constipation. Dog stoops. If the owner does not notice the dog is suffering in silence.
Chronic gastritis and colitis are not cured with medication (Prof. Christoph, GDR). Effective was the only one way: the contents of the stomach of cows, taken from the slaughterhouse, and added to the food (based on the product produced ABONIN). In nature, where the predator eats the insides of their herbivorous prey, there is no disease of the stomach.
With diarrhea to half tablet “furazolidone” or 1/2 pill “Levomitsitina” after 4 hours, another dose, half-day fast. In the next day not being fed meat. With constipation do an enema of warm water (you can with chamomile or St. John’s wort).

That the animal does not suffer, it is necessary DIET proposed by scientists.

DO NOT: no fat, bone, bone meal, vegetables, breads and cereals, Milk, all sold in confectionery.

CAN: lean meat raw, homemade stuffing, freshest COTTAGE CHEESE, cheese, HERCULES (pre-soaked), garlic, sweet fruits and dried fruits, raw egg yolk a day, salted herring on demand.

Any food can cause diarrhea or constipation.

Three meals a day. Before eating, give a pill “Abonina” for 7-10 days. Can a course of treatment “Bifidumbaktrimom” scheme. The owner needs endurance, patience, and INTELLIGENT LOVE. Have to stick to this diet for a long time, perhaps for life.

Diet for a sick dog (stomach is healthy).

If your dog is sick, you need to measure temperature. At higher temperatures, neither man nor dog should not be fed solid food, it increases the disease. In nature, the patient gets into a predator’s lair, he does not eat, he sleeps. At higher temperatures give to drink water, or water with honey, or a separate SAN.

At night, Enema sure to bring gas and decay products, even if the dog had not eaten for many days in a row.

Every day, let crushed garlic cloves (you can mix it with honey and spread on the tongue) – the most valuable natural medicine, it disinfects the inflamed mucosa of the digestive tract.

At normal temperatures, if there is no diarrhea and, therefore, the stomach is healthy, gradually begin to feed 3 times a day in small portions.
1 and 2 day: milk and honey
3 and 4 day: porridge with raw milk and crushed raisins
5 and 6 of the day: the freshest cheese and milk, raw egg yolk, honey, raisins, raw oats with milk
7-day: the first feeding – the aforementioned products, the second and third feeding feeding – home of the lean GROUND
with a 9-day: instead of minced meat pieces have given, in the morning – grated carrots with vegetable oil, a little butter.
Further, the size of chunks of meat is gradually increased, gradually introduce any other products on a regular diet (see “Feeding”).
Obey the sequence!

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