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Comments to the FCI standard breed pug. Part 2.

Comments to the standard FCI.

Dark, very large, round in shape, with a gentle, humble and full of desires expression, very lustrous and full of fire when excited.

Comment – Eye for an expressive dog like a pug, are particularly important. Let us specify a few points. Big eyes pug should be planted wide enough for one line with the nose. Blizkoposazhennye glazapridayut pug unusual, foolish look. Characteristic of the Pug expression of vigilance and mischief will be lost. Fortunately, such a deficiency is uncommon.

Standard eye pug

Different types of eye pug.

Light-colored eyes – a serious drawback, as well as small eyes or eyes that have seen too much protein. The disadvantages are also slanted, almond-shaped eyes and the eyes are too prominent.

Thin, small, soft as a “black velvet”. Two varieties – “roses” – small ears folded over his head, set aside, reverse, so that open the inner part. “Buttons” – the ears laid forward, margins held tightly to the skull, close the internal orifice. Prefer the latter.

Comment. Epithets used to describe a pug ears, rather relative. Anyone who is familiar with this breed, it is unlikely to come to mind associations such as the “button” or “rose”. Did you see anywhere on buttons such form, as a neat triangular ears pug? Therefore, to clarify suggest you look at the pictures of pugs with ears in the form of so-called “buttons” and “Roses.” Consider first the ears of “buttons”. In fact, they look more like a triangle, the lower the top of which is on the line through the middle of the eye and the inner side close to the head. The base of this triangle is a continuation of the skull.

Pug ears

Standard ear pugs.

Ears “rose” have room in the back of the ear. These ears look smaller. Do not confuse your ears “a rose” with ears cocked so much that is visible to the entire inside of the ear – this is a drawback.
Ears, “a button” create the impression of a wider skull, while his ears, “Rose” visually reduce it. The disadvantages are the thick, long, low set or “flying” ears, ears and bright in adults. Sometimes puppies are light-colored ears, but as a rule, they darken with age. The disadvantages include including “raznouhost.” This term denotes a situation when one ear is shaped like “roses”, and another – a form of “buttons”.

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