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How to choose a pug puppy.

Choice of the puppy of a pug. When you come to the factory owner, and to you as small peas, direct мопсята, to think commonly and to choose one — not simply difficultly, and it is very complex.
Easier when puppies of a pug have appeared at the familiar dog breeder then the choice is limited by 3-4 small representatives of this nice breed.
How the choice has been combined,
If you have decided to get the puppy of a pug, to make it all the same it is necessary, here again it is necessary to adhere to the certain rules constructed on emotional perception of the puppy,
And a professional assessment of its qualities. With an emotional side more and more or less clearly.
Coming to nursery or the house of the factory owner, from all puppies, it is necessary to choose what fuse most of all, as they say in soul.
And, very often happens, that followed the boy, and the girl, and on the contrary has liked.

If to be defined with a choice it does not turn out in any way best way — to sit longer, to play with kids, and to enable the puppy you to choose.
Many tell, that when they could not be defined, they have provided this right to the puppy of a pug. All is very simple.
Depart from puppies on a considerable distance, and wait, who the first will run up — that and your.
As a rule, the method works correctly and as it is paradoxical, that puppy who has most of all liked, but with its choice runs up, you changed.
Often fluctuations of a choice depend on fear, the future owners to not like the chosen puppy.
As a rule, all fears are unreasonable, and as skilled dog breeders if the puppy intended to you approve, you and receive it.

All this the general rules, the emotional approach to a choice of the puppy of a pug.
However if you have decided to get the puppy of a pug, there is a number of pedigree and behavioural characteristics which should be considered at a choice of the puppy. As a rule, responsible factory owners,
At once inform on possible lacks of the puppy, its possibilities and potential as the future champion, or fairly speak, that собачка it is intended only,
To be the house favourite, and to hope for its future champion’s title it is not necessary. If you quite accept a pug as the friend and a member of family,
Also its career in breeding cultivation does not interest at all, it is necessary to understand that far not all pugs approach for given objectives,
Whether and especially to you it does not matter whether there will be your puppy the champion всея Russia then safely take the dog who has sunk down in a soul.
By the way such puppies and at the price of much cheaper, and on quality of emotional feedback, for what actually also love a pug, at all do not concede.

If you the prospect of the puppy to participation in exhibitions and breeding cultivation then it is necessary to concern to its choice more attentively interests.
To study a family tree on availability of champions in a line of cultivation, to talk to several factory owners, closely to study page « standards of breed »,
To visit some thematic exhibitions on which the best representatives of breed and т are presented. д.-all this will allow to choose the best,
On the qualities of the representative of breed a pug. Besides on a choice of such perspective puppy, is better to go with the professional cynologist and the factory owner,
Which on the first sight on помет, will define prospects of your dog.
In the conclusion it would be desirable to tell, that you would not choose what dog, remember,
That above the perspective puppy and its champion’s title it is necessary to work much, with a pug the house favourite is much easier in this respect.
Constant at dialogue with the puppy of any class there is a love and desire to present мопсику at the most a long and happy life, as well as a worthy maturity and an old age,
In an environment of loving owners.


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